Unsubscribe link not working on some emails

We are getting reports from clients that the unsubscribe link is not working. I've tested it and it works fine for me but I had one forwarded to me and the code looked like this:

<span style="color:#003a71;text-decoration:none">Unsubscribe. </span>

However in the template the code is:

<unsubscribe href="#" style="color:#003a71; text-decoration:none;"><font color="#003a71"> Unsubscribe. </font></unsubscribe>

I'm not sure why the font tag is there but I don't understand why it works for some people and not others.



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there Dan, welcome to the forums. I can see what's likely happening here - there's a href="#" in the <unsubscribe> that's likely confusing the template parser / email clients. Just leave it as:

<unsubscribe style="color:#003a71; text-decoration:none;">Unsubscribe</unsubscribe>

... and all should be well. Let us know how you go :)

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