need help with template code


I have tried to import a template into CM and have got the following errors:

    No editable region in template    

You need have at least one <singleline />, <multiline /> or <img editable="true" /> tag in your template. Without these, your clients can't add any content to their emails (and are better off sending a regular campaign instead of using a template).

    No unsubscribe link    

We require a single-click unsubscribe link in every campaign you send. Please add the tags <unsubscribe> and </unsubscribe> around the words you want to become an unsubscribe link.

    JavaScript detected    

    JavaScript detected    

    JavaScript detected    

    JavaScript detected    

I need help to correct the code.

I have tried to copy the code here but it wont allow me as it is too long.

Step, 5 years ago

Campaign Monitor does require you to use their markup as such when using their platform.  It's really simple to use.  I would suggest following there instructions :)

You should remove all your JavaScript completely from your code.  Email client will not accept it anyways and mark you as spam.

Also have you attempted inserting your code using the BBCode?  e.g.

your source code here


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