Text size problems on iphone/safari

I have a problem with a newsletter that looks fine everywhere exept in safari on iphone.
All of the text size is 100%, but in safari on my iphone some texts are smaller than others...

Could this have something to do with tables? The newsletter is buit with tables in tables. But the text in two of the columns are smaller than the rest of the text...

I had the text size set in px before, but had the same problem... Which is best to use by the way: px, em or %?

Thankful for tips!

Step, 5 years ago

Hey Lena,

If you have the code.  I can have a look for you and see if anything is out of the ordinary.
With regards to the "PX vs %" Ros has written a nice blog post about this already  - Should I use em or px for HTML emails?

This should help you out.

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks Step, that's the ticket :) You may also want to check the zoom that Safari/Mail is at on the iPhone - if you've got a really wide design, then pretty much any text will look tiny. Also double-check that -webkit-text-size-adjust hasn't been used where it shouldn't.

Thanks guys, have a rad weekend ahead!

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Lena, 5 years ago

Thanks! Yes, please look at this and tell me if you see anything weird :)


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