Individual Subscriber Tracking

Scenario: A user is subscribed to three different lists. When I click on their name in that list, will I see ALL user activity, or just activity for that particular list? If I re-add them, do those statistics resurface, or are they lost with the removal (assuming they are deleted and not unsubscribed)?

Just want to clarify so I don't tell my client something incorrect! They have a huge opt-in list in their CRM, and download parts of it and upload into CM, rather than segment within CM (a battle I'm fighting), and have accumulated a large number of contacts, driving their price up.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi there Chris, in the subscriber snapshot for an individual user, you will see all their activity by campaign, not by list. Even when deleted or unsubscribed, a record of their activity is retained.

I hope this helps answer your question - all the best with this large list! :D

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