text version of newsletter: multiple consecutive spaces removed?

I just noticed that the spacing I added to the text-version of my newsletter gets removed when the newsletter is drafted (note: I'm using CreateSend::Campaign.create (a method in the createsend-ruby gem)).


In this newsletter:

  - item 1 (indented with two spaces before the hyphen)
  - item 2 (ditto)
    - item 2b (four spaces in front of the hyphen, as this is a sub-item)
  - item 3 (same as 1 and 2)

Another example is that I might want to underline a specific word.
In the above example, I have 52 spaces in front of the hyphens, in an attempt to underline the word "specific".

In the campaign draft preview the spaces in front of the hyphens in the above two examples would be removed.


Stephen, 5 years ago

Hi abatz,

Many thanks for your question and just to confirm, the reason they are lost in a web-based preview is because although it is a plaintext email, the preview is rendered in HTML and interpreted by the browser you're using to view the preview. As such, unless you add 'space' characters by defining them as   (instead of just hitting the spacebar on your keyboard) then they won't be retained in the web preview, however regular 'space' characters (added by the spacebar) will be retained in your actual plaintext email, which is the most important thing, so it's best to send yourself a copy of the plaintext email and actually view it in your email client or device, rather than in your browser if possible, as that will generate the most accurate version as a result.

Thanks a lot and I hope that all makes sense.

abatz, 5 years ago

Thanks for your reply, and yes, your answer makes sense. I did not expect the text version to be rendered in HTML, so I did not think to look at the source code. Anyway, I sent a preview, and indeed everything is formatted correctly.. I also verified with mutt.

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