Small feature request - simplify image replacement

I use placeholder images in my templates so it's easy for my clients (and myself!) to see where an image belongs and to remind them to add it.
Currently, the process to replace an image is like so:

1. click gear icon
2. click 'Remove Image'
3. click 'Choose file'

Is there a chance you could make a 'Replace Image' option that automatically removes the image and opens the file chooser? It's a small thing, I know, but combining the two last steps would save a bit of valuable time. I'm working on a template now that has 8 images and replacing them all feels quite tedious!

Thanks for the consideration!

(Speaking of... another feature request since I have your attention: allowing nested repeatable sections. Basically I have those 8 images and would love the ability to sort them manually, but they have to be static since they're in a repeater. Thanks again!)

Dave Dave, 5 years ago

That's a great idea, and definitely a tweak we'd look at making in a future update. Thanks for the suggestion Justin. The nested repeaters is something we do get occasionally, and right now we don't have plans to support it because of the complexity it adds to the editing experience. But, as usual, if the votes keep coming in it has more chance of making its way into Campaign Monitor.

If you (or anyone else) has any other ideas on little tweaks that can make the editing experience a little smoother, fire away.

enfueggo enfueggo, 5 years ago

Thanks, Dave!

Rather than start another thread, I'll add another request that's been bugging me recently...

Your forum is a super valuable resource -- it's the first place I go if I'm having an issue and very often my question has been answered before -- but with the redesign, searching has become quite difficult. The search results page used to list the subject of each result (possibly with a few lines from the content), but now the content of each post is displayed which creates a long page that requires a lot of scrolling (especially for my searches, which tend to have people posting their HTML to be diagnosed).

Could you go back to only displaying the titles (and maybe a blurb of content) for your SERP's? Thanks!

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