Confirmation email to AOL not received

I have a recipient who was subscribed to our list, then he unsubscribed (hopefully unintentionally) and now wants back in on our newsletter. I cant add him back as he is in the unsubscribed pool in CM. He is on an email address. I have told him to go back to our subscribe form and re-subscribe there, he is saying he has done that twice but never received the confirmation email?

He states: "My spam filter is set to 'Low' and should send anything it finds to my Spam Folder - my settings also instruct that all emails that would normally be blocked be sent to my Spam Folder, nothing should be held back.  Virtually any email should get to me without any problem."

Has anyone ever experienced this before? or is there an easy way to get him back in our email list from the unsubscribe list?

P.S. I love CM and recommed it to everyone I come into contact with!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hey there essexboyracer, thank you for writing in - you're too kind! What you can do is remove the subscriber from your suppression list first, then set them as active on your list. Then they should start receiving emails as before.

That they're not receiving the confirmation emails is odd - if you contact our team with their email address and your account details, we can most certainly take a look at why this may be the case. Best of luck!

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essexboyracer, 4 years ago

Thanks Ros, that appears to have worked! Now if only CM had an affiliate program I would be earning loads in commissions....!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hah, thanks essexboyracer - glad that worked out. Well, we certainly have some ideas about making our app a better deal for resellers, so hopefully we'll make your dreams come true in one way or another at a later date ;)

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