Issue: Email template with more 8 image requests will not work on WP7

Dear all,
I found an issue when implement email template to work on Window Phone 7.

We will test an email template with more 8 images inside (more 8 image requests).
On HOTMAIL (WP7): Everything is work well. Good news.
On GMAIL & YAHOO mail (WP7): The email template will be hide (disappear) when it has more 8 image requests.

Step 1: Open email tempalte on WP7 (GMAIL & YAHOO mail)
Step 2: Click to "download" link in email becuase on WP7, the image is not allow to display at the first time.
Step 3: When the download process is completed, the email template will be disappear (if it has more 8 image requests)

We also tested with 8 or less 8 image requests, everything is work well.

You can review my screenshot at:

Finally, could you help me to review and post this issue on your blog, please? (Help me to public this issue)

Please send me email if you can help me and give me the link when this issue is published.

Thank you very much.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there Cuong, I responded via this earlier thread. Thanks so much for sending this in!

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