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Hi all

I'm not a designer or a developer but a marketer, but before you kick my sorry ass outta here, I wondered if you could point me in the right direction..

I want a simple hosted CRM solution that will integrate seamlessly with my Campaign Monitor activity. I like Etelos CRM for Google Apps and have heard good things about SugarCRM and, but can't find any way of integrating Campaign Monitor with any of these.

Can anyone help?

I have a developer inhouse (PHP, MySQL, Ajax etc etc) who can handle some integration, but he's very busy on client projects, so I don't want to dump a load of new work on him if there's an existing customisation or app anywhere that will do what I want.

I like the Etelos version because I already use iGoogle, so that would tie in nicely.


Tim Burley

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hey Tim, no ass kicking going on around here and thanks for the question. While our API does make it easy to synch your subscriber lists with other applications, we don't know of any customers who have created a bridge with any major CRM players out there.

Having said that, loads of customers have done custom integration with their own systems, so it may not be a major undertaking for your developer. I've also been hesitant in the past to recommend direct CRM integration, as often CRM systems, just like email client contacts, don't always constitute those who have given you explicit permission to contact them. They may be a sales lead, a contact at your local ISP or your accountant, but unless they "opted-in" or are a paying customer, you can't send them an email "campaign". Of course, you can send them a one-on-one email, just not a mass email to a larger list.

Of course, many CRM systems have the ability to tag or categorize your contacts, in which case you could easily keep track of who has and hasn't given you permission and only synch those that have with your CM lists. Good luck moving forward with this and if you need any help from our end, just ask.

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