Using CM lists to 'gate' content


This one's way out of CM's scope, but was wondering if anyone has been able to achieve a similar scenario.

* 1 'master list' capturing people's name, phone, and other details.
* Multiple lists for different types of communications. A user would also be able to sign up and unsubscribe via the preference center
* Content pages associated to each list that can only accessed by subscribers (eg. via unique URLs).

The idea here, is to replicate functionality that you often see when a company gives away content for free in exchange for personal details (and the user giving explicit consent for this, of course).

Content pages would have to be hosted seprately and some degree of integration would be necessary.

Part of the solution could be to use cookies to check if a person has been to the page before. But if the person deletes the cookie (or uses a different devices) than there has to be some kind of log in.

Any suggestions? If I can't find a solution I may well have to find a different solution than CM (that hopefully can 'talk' to CM for email delivery, at least).



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there Lawrence, it sounds like the main issues here are building your list and creating content pages that can be securely accessed.

For the list building side of things, you could either add a subscribe form to your site, or use a service like Wufoo. Both can be used to capture not just name and email address, but phone numbers, addresses etc too. The latter integrates really nicely with Campaign Monitor.

The simplest off-the-cuff file hosting solution that integrates with Campaign Monitor is Digioh. It's pretty easy to use and the developers are very much open to feedback.

Using these solutions, you can not only collect email addresses, but securely offer files like eBooks, apps etc, while all the while tracking downloads. Thanks, Lawrence - I hope this helps, but feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the above. :)

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architxt architxt, 5 years ago

Hi and thanks for your feedback.

The content we 'gate' is in HTML format, so Digioh will not do.

I'm looking at membership management tools that feature registration out of the box and the ability to publish content behind logins. This may work well with CM too.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

That's interesting - please let us know what you settle with. In the interim, I'll see if I can find some other options that work well with us. You may have to do some coding to tie together both our custom fields and a login page.

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