The WSIWYG edit buttons etc are not showing

Hi there,

We have set up 4 new templates for our client in their mailer account. They have had templates there before and they worked fine, they have recently wanted to change them, so we designed and built 4 new ones and uploaded them to their mailer account.

When they create their campaign, select a new template and get to the editing content part, they can not see the edit/add new buttons which usually appear on the right floating over the repeat region. They are using IE8 if this helps.

Please can you let me know what the issue is, as we have been searching your site for a whole 2 days now and can not find anything anywhere, they are our 2nd biggest client and use this system a lot.

As you can imagine we do not want to lose them, but we may if they can not continue to use mailer with ease.

Thank you for your time.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there Dave, sorry to hear that you're having this issue with the template editor in IE8. We haven't had any other issues like this reported from customers using IE8, so it's likely there's something specific to this template that's throwing out our parser. If you could kindly contact our team with campaign details, we'll happily test the template and get to the bottom of the issue.

Thanks Dave - we're keen to help you out here.

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