Intermediary sought - HTML (though not design)

We are looking to use Campaign Monitor however we don't have any HTML expertise in-house so need an intermediary to both set up templates (which could be easily modified by non-techies)and take more design heavy mocked up emails and put them into HTML.  Design skills are not required as our creative agency produce the designs, we just need the emails to be built. 

Ideally I'm looking for an Edinburgh (Scotland) based company/person.



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Rebecca,

There are tons of companies who can take your Photoshop (for example) design and create HTML from them - for Campaign Monitor  you don't need any special tags except for the unsubscribe link, just straight HTML.

So a service like the ones listed here:  - might be a good option.

Otherwise, checkout our own forum thread: for some designers who might be able to help with the build

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