Edit a campaign i just sent


Is there a way to update a campaign i just sent ? Well, i missed up some text content and i would like to correct it. I know i can't update email in my subscriber inbox but... what about de "web version" ?

gpro gpro, 5 years ago

As far as I understand how the web version is generated, this seems to be not possible, unfortunately for you.

The web version is a copy of the email that the recipient has received. Each recipient gets a personalized link and each link is different: that's why the recipient's name is in the web version as well!

A follow-up question to this topic could be:
Is it possible to generate a non-personalized web version of an email newsletter? And link to it from the personalized newsletter?

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Mathias (gpro)
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there mikoelsuperbeasto, if you could kindly contact our team with specific edits, we can update the web version for you (but not the sent version, as you mention). These things happen, don't we know it ;)

gpro, if you get the share link after sending, you'll find this points to a non-personalized version of the campaign. You can generate this link in advance by going to the campaign snapshot, clicking 'View a preview' next to 'HTML version' and getting the URL (you may have to 'view toolbar' or similar in your browser to do this). Once you have the url, you can remove the last /xxx/ string of letters.

Make sure you test this out, but I'm pretty certain this will work a-ok. In most instances, I'd recommend you use the <webversion> link, though - it's easier and unless you're really paranoid about making a personalization boo, should be fine :)

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