Accessing a campaign's id without querying the client

Is there a way I can grab the ID of a campaign without going through the API. I tried using the identifier in the url for the report (/reports/campaignReportDetail.aspx?ID=XXXX) but it doesn't seem to work. I want to add the campaign ID manually to our db.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there studiorepublic, it isn't possible to view the campaign ID aside from using our API, I'm sorry to say. As a workaround, can you, or someone on your team be able to script up a page that say, displays the IDs for previously sent campaigns? Sorry about that!

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studiorepublic, 5 years ago

Are the campaign IDs of drafts available through the API or is it just for sent campaigns?

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

G'day studiorepublic,

Yep, all the draft IDs are available, or of course if you create a campaign through the API the ID is returned.

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