List activity exports including custom fields

I currently have a number of custom fields for a customer list including each contact's serial number and product purchased.

After an enewsletter goes out, my client has requested the click-through list of the contacts who have shown an interest in a product or promotion. They then use this as a priority call-out list to see if they want any further info.

I can get this list from CM OK but it doesn't include any of my custom fields. To provide this report I therefore have to export the click-throughs and then do some Access manipulation with the source customer list to re-integrate the custom fields ie serial number and product purchased.

There must be a way of doing this in CM as it's pretty fundamental marketing, but how?


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

There isn't a way now to export the report with custom fields - the way you suggest, linking it to your own existing records, is the way to go. This is something we will be considering for future improvement though.

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vince, 9 years ago

Ability to export all the reports with custom fields would be good.
Please add my vote.
Many thanks

slaterk, 9 years ago

me too!

would be a quick way to get the info from CM back into a database.


Liz Kenny, 9 years ago

I agree - this would be a very useful facility.

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