Formulate List URL from API data

I was wondering if it is possible to formulate a URL that links to a list based off information obtained from the API?

I am wanting to be able to provide a link from our application that takes a user to the list in Campaign Monitor, e.g.

I'm finding that the ListID I get back from the API is not the same as the listID parameter in the  list URL.

Is this possible or is there another way to do this?

Ken Ken, 5 years ago

Hi Jeremy,

I'm afraid that it's not possible to deep link to the list detail page using any information you can get from the API. I guess the only possible way to get the list Id for the list detail page would be to grab it from the List & Subscribers page in the web app.

Sorry I couldn't be much more help.
jeremy.norman, 5 years ago

OK, thanks for the response Ken. We're just going to send them to the lists page and they can then pick the list from there.

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