Exclude one-off sendouts from campaign list

Hi guys,

We're considering moving to the unlimited plan to be able to streamline all outbound communication using the same e-mail templates that we use for regular campaigns.

This would include confirmation e-mails, reminders and a host of other things that aren't really campaigns in their own right.

Is there a way of excluding a sendout from the campaign list in the web interface? We would easily clutter up the lists of campaigns with all these tiny peeps.

Or should we take a different approach all together?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hey there Claus, at present, we don't have a way to hide campaigns from 'Latest Activity', 'Reports' and other places, I'm sorry to say. From a reporting point of view, you could potentially consider creating new clients for certain types of sends (ie. so you don't mix up 'monthly newsletter' reports with 'product announcements' or 'reminders').

I'm happy to pass on your suggestions for a better way to organize campaigns - for example, if you think some kind of foldering in both our list of Reports, Drafts and Latest Activity etc, let me know and I'll convey your thoughts to the team. Thanks, Claus!

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