How to create a subscription confirmation email

I'm currently coding a email to a small number of clients we work with regularly, and want to create a link that, when clicked, will subscribe them to a new list (an email newsletter we'll be sending out every quarter). I've tried to follow this guide:

I've created a link like this to subscribe to the new mail:

<a href="[email]&cm-name=[fullname, fallback=]">Subscribe</a>

(with myclient obviously swapped with the the correct name).

I've sent this out to one of email addresses as a campaign, but when the link is clicked I get a page stating:

"Invalid Email Address: Sorry, but the email address you supplied was invalid and needs to be fixed before you can subscribe to this list. Go back to the form and make the required changes"

What am I missing here?

Stephen, 5 years ago

Hey baggot60,

Thanks for your question and just to confirm, when I look at your code above, I can see that you're using our example email field code of "cm-atlrb-atlrb" there, so just wanted to clarify, have you replaced this with the field name your subscribe form generated in your version? If not, I suspect that's what the problem will be here, so instead of adding ?cm-atlrb-atlrb=, you just need to replace the "cm-atlrb-atlrb" portion there with the email form name generated from your account.

Thanks a lot and let us know how you go.

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