Forward to a friend behaviour on a personalised email

We have created a personalised email which works perfectly for our purposes - it takes the usual form of Dear [firstname,fallback=Colleague].

We've also included a 'forward to a friend' link at the bottom using the CM <forwardtoafriend> tag.

It's when the forward link is used that we're getting an issue. On the forward to a friend page, whatever name is put in the Name box under 'My Details' is the name that is used in the personalised field in the mail that is sent, rather than what's entered in the Name box under list of people to send it to.

For example, if someone called Steve forwards the email to three of his friends, Bill, Martin and Bob, the email that all three receive will have Dear Steve in the personalised field in the email, rather than Dear Bill, Dear Martin etc.

Is there any way of making the name of the person being forwarded to appear in the personalised field?

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi adnamsdrinker,

The behaviour you've described is as designed, and consistent with the notion of an email forward, which leaves the original mail intact.

It also attaches a one-liner to the start, something along the lines of "I just received this email and thought you might find it interesting." If we then followed up with an email personalised to the forward recipient, that would be a bit confusing, especially since those recipients have no prior relationship with you, the original sender of the mail.

I hope that explains the rationale behind the existing behaviour. Because i am afraid that as it stands there is no way to have the forwarded emails be personalised as though the forward recipients were on the original list.

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