Table of Contents in E-mail Newsletters - Is it Necessary?

Does anybody know if there's been research as to the efficacy of Tables of Contents in email newsletters? We've been using them for many years, and are now re-evaluating them while we revamp our newsletter.  We don't really have any stats on their usage, since both Constant Contact and now Convio don't have such stats (I suspect it's because you can't rewrite an anchor URL without it ceasing to be an anchor).  I would love to know if studies have been done on this, because we feel that they're taking up valuable screen real estate, particularly for mobile devices.

Thanks in advance!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there transalt, we don't have any studies on whether this is an effective practice, I'm sorry to say. As you mention, we can't track anchor links, so it's hard to say how regularly they're used.

The pros:
- email message can be summarized in a glance
- can definitely help readers navigate long emails, or those containing many topics/articles (this can be useful on mobile devices, where tapping is easier than scrolling)

The cons:
- anchor links are not supported in all email clients
- they take up valuable real estate in the upper portion of the newsletter

We'd love to know whether or not you continue to use them - anyone else on these forums have an opinion?

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