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Hi Everyone, I just created an email template that i want to send out and i am getting lots of errors when I'm testing it. 

All my images are showing up as attatchments, Can i prevent this?

My page doesn't work across all browsers, spacing issues in gmail, hotmail is giving me and extended height in a few places.

I have a search box as well that I want to include- is that a bad idea?

How can avoid this / fix these problems. 

If requested i will include my code. 


Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago


Are you using Campaign Monitor to send your email? You should be using normal image references like in a standard html page, and then uploading a zip file of images along with your html page.

Forms in html email have some issues, and  a search probably doesn't make a lot of sense in an email in any case. Better to just link to your web page with the search on it.

As for browser issues, there are a lot of things to learn, but for some assistance see our CSS Support in Email guide, and perhaps review the code in some of our sample templates as a base to start from.

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