Email authentication - List of ISP's?


Is there a list of the different ISP's which don't flag emails as authenticated?

I know Gmail is OK, but Outlook not... Or does it differ from one computer to another?

Thanks for your help!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there VG, I don't know of a formal list, however creating a guide outlining authentication within a variety of webmail services/email clients is a good idea for the future.

I think the assumption should be that all webmail services and quite a few email clients have some mechanism for flagging emails as being from a 'trusted sender' (Hotmail), or being 'certified mail' (AOL). Even if they don't explicitly flag messages, every email client has some way of determining if a message shout go to the inbox or junk mail, based on criteria like whether the from domain is authenticated and of course, email content.

Your best bet is to ensure your campaigns are authenticated, then you won't have to worry about policies for specific clients. Stay tuned to our blog, as we'll likely cover this topic in the near future :)

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