Creating RSS template with template builder

Several months ago I setup an RSS auto weekly email very easily using your template builder. This was possible by simply selecting the number of posts I wanted to use within the template builder interface.
Now it seems this feature has been removed and replaced by a much more complicated process that involves RSS coding !

Why make it more complicated - I'm not a coder or a designer !
Is there anyway I can go back to using it as it was (above)? or is there something I am missing?

intellagent, 4 years ago

Also I may have found a bug. If I create a 'recurring RSS campaign' it and then select to use the template builder it just gives me a black screen !

Ken Ken, 4 years ago


We haven't made any changes to how recurring campaigns work recently, and we've certainly haven't added a step where you need to do any RSS coding.

Could you contact with your account details (eg. the URL you log into), and the steps you are doing that lead you to a point where you need to do RSS coding. Also include steps that lead you to the black screen.

Then we'll be able to track down what might be happening for you.

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