We need a email developer - flexible template


We're in need of an awesome designer/developer to help us build an email template in Campaign  Monitor!

We've already done the design and wireframes of how it should work, we now need somone to help build this.
The template itself is relativly straight forward but we're making use of repeater elements and theme options to allow flexible email layout and colour options.

The email also needs to be responsive for mobile devices (something we can show you in the designs/wireframes).

We're based just outside London, so would love if you're nearby - but we're happy to work remotely too.

If you're interested in the project we can discuss rates or fixed project cost and provide you with a full brief by either phone or skype!

If interested give me a shout at: matt@seriousideas.com

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Awesome, I've lined up a shout-out on Twitter for first thing next week - I hope you get lots of interest here! :D

Get in touch with us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/campaignmonitor
We're also on Facebook: http://facebook.com/campaignmonitor
chrisknox chrisknox, 5 years ago

Hi Matt,

If you are still looking for someone, why not drop me an email at chris at superthings dot net so that we can discuss further.



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