api roadmap


What extensions can we expect in the near time for the API?

We're trying to integrate CampaignMonitor with our CRM application, but the lack of some functions makes this very hard.. (
- create lists with customfields
- get all subscribers with all different status values (probably paged resultsets for large lists)
- double opt-in without confirmation if subscriber is created by API
- return list details



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Marco,

As you may know, we don't generally pre-announce future features, so we can't make any promises about what will or will not be done in the future.

However, we definitely will record your feedback, and if we get more people requesting the same things then we would certainly consider them for possible development.

On the topic of "double opt-in without confirmation if subscriber is created by API" - I'm not sure that would actually qualify as double opt-in anymore!

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