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Hi there
I've got a client implementing personalisation on a number of newsletters, and they have noticed that the split between Firstname and Lastname fields doesn't seem to be working when a customer has a title attached to:

So, if the customers name is: Dr Firstname Lastname
Then personalisation of Dear [Firstname] comes out as Dear Dr ?

Surely you can look up common salutations and strip them out before working out the firstname/lastname split?



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi James, thank you for bringing this to our attention - personalisation like this has been an ongoing issue for a while now. We're more than happy to look at separating common salutations on import and let you know if this is something we add in a future update. In the interim, I highly recommend placing Dr, Mrs, Mr etc these into a 'Prefix' custom field, then using this field for personalization, where required.

Sorry about this, James - hopefully we'll have some good news for you at a later date!

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JohnP JohnP, 5 years ago

The bigger issue is that it is presumptuous to assume everyone has a 2 name format. What about names like Oscar De La Hoya or Billy Ray Cirus for example?

It took me a long time to prep one of my client lists, but I added a prefix field so that we could formally address newsletters to "Mr. John Smith". I also set up custom fields for first and last names to get "Mr. Smith". In some cases the list also had "Mr. and Mrs.", so this allowed the freedom to do my own prefixes.

Looks like the separating of names was addressed in CM's latest blog post, which is great news for those emailing on a firstname (or lastname) basis:

JohnP JohnP, 5 years ago

Looks like Ros beat me to the reply...

On a side note though, if you are going to do something like this:

Dear [Prefix,fallback=][fullname,fallback=Valued Customer],

If only some of your list has a prefix, your prefix names will need to have a   in them. (ie: Mr. ). The example above uses this method to seperate the prefix and name.

Reason is, if the prefix field is blank, there will be a double space between 'Dear' and the name (the spaces either side of the missing prefix word). Obviously you only want one space if the prefix is missing, so that is why you need to include the extra one as part of the prefix text itself (the  )

Hope that makes sense to you...

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