Reward based list building

Hi all, this is a new concept to me so with any luck someone out there has experience with this kind of thing.

This little PHP app works to build a subscriber list based on rewards and getting friends to sign up too.


Step 1 - you subscribe you get a reward
Step 2 - you get X number of friends to subscribe, you get a second reward
Step 3 - your friends subscribe and the process starts again

All fine, the problem being is that it has been build exclusively for Aweber and I don't want to have to change software from my beloved Campaign Monitor, but my client wants this solution.

So, my question... is there something similar that could be used with Campaign Monitor?

Many thanks!

Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Hi Michael,

One of our helpful customers actually built something similar for use with Campaign Monitor and shared it for free (including the PHP source code) on our blog:

V is for Viral: An inspiring email subscribe form
How to create a social media-friendly email subscribe form

Hopefully this will work for what you're looking to do.

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mikeebee, 5 years ago

Hi Stig, this is really helpful

Just to clarify, would you be able to send the second stage rewards based on number of referrals automatically?

i.e. set up an auto-responder with the second reward once someone reaches 3 referrals?

If you can then we're in business : D

Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Hi Michael,

That part of the process is mostly manual in the solution described in those blog posts, I'm afraid. However, it would be possible for you to add to this signup process, to also trigger an autoresponder email whenever a referral threshold has been reached.

You can do this by checking the referrer ID of new subscribers and counting the number of subscribers with this referrer.

The autoresponder email (based on the signup date) will have to be set up for a second subscriber list.

When you check the number of referrals, if the count is 6, you can look up the referrer address, and add it to the second subscriber list, to trigger the autoresponder email. Did that make sense?

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mikeebee, 5 years ago

Whoa I'm afraid you lost me there Stig!

So, when you say "checking the referrer" and "check the number of referrals" do you mean manually? Or does your method need the PHP code to be altered/added to so that it becomes automatic?

Apologies, you may need to walk me through this a bit slower!

Many thanks

Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Hi Michael,

Sorry – yes, you're right that in order to automate the sending of the follow up email, those things would need to be checked with some additional PHP.

Checking the referrer is already done with the line

$referid = (isset($_GET['ref'])) ? $_GET['ref'] : '';

in the provided code, so you can use the $referid variable for this.

To then check the number of other subscribers referred by the same subscriber, you would actually need to get the whole list of subscribers via our API and loop through it to check how many of them share the same referrer.

Or alternatively, you could write some code to also keep a count on your end of the referrals per ID, to avoid having to look these up via the API each time someone subscribes via a referral.

To add the referrer to the autoresponder list via the API, see this method.

I know there's still a lot to get a handle on here, so my apologies for that. If you haven't integrated with API using PHP before, I should also mention our handy API kit which contains an API wrapper as well as sample code for each of the methods.

If you decide to go ahead with this and have further questions, just let us know.

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mikeebee, 5 years ago

Ah ok Stig. I'm afraid I don't write PHP but I know a few cats who do so I'll look into this further.

You've been a great help. Many thanks!

Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Great to hear, Michael – hopefully they'll be able to make additions you're after.

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