Color of Webversion

Hi there,

I have problem with the color of webversion tag. In my situation, I define its color is C65832. For example :

Having trouble reading this mail? <webversion stlye="color="#C65832;">View it in your browser</webversion>

However, when I send the test email to my mail box. This color doesnt show off. The color is default color(blue). So how can I change the color to C65832?


djwhisky, 4 years ago

If you've just copy/pasted that then you've got a typo - stlye rather than style !
Has always worked in the past for me otherwise...

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Sam, just to clarify also, it should be <webversion style="color:#C65832;">

Once you've fixed the typo and CSS attribute, you should be all good :)

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