General Question about Responsive Email design

Hi all!

I had a question about responsive email design. Well maybe a few :)

I went through the guides and techniques which are great by the way BUT....I think I maybe missing something or didn't learn something.

Are we supposed to put the media screen styles inline?

I downloaded some sample templates and the code has styles attached in the head.

Well wouldn't they be stripped out by the email client? Hence, writing styles inline.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

JohnP JohnP, 5 years ago

<style> tags only get stripped out by certain clients like Gmail. Media tags can only be put in <style> tags to my knowledge. So even though you should inline everything possible for maximum compatibility (or let CM do it for you!), Media tags can't be inlined, and are therefor not compatible with Gmail.

Email design is about playing the percentages. If everyone in your list is using iPhones then it might be worth the effort. It's up to you to determine where to draw the line. Personally, I use PNG's exclusively, even though it is recommended not to. I've made the conscious decision to not bother supporting the "couple of people" using older versions of Lotus notes.

Hope that helps.

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