Adding random unique code to an email - can it be done?

Hey there - any way of adding a random unique code to an autoresponder email? I'd like to add either a barcode, or qr code, or numeric code - anything that will be unique based on the users email address.

Use: I've got a client that is doing a direct MAIL (not email, this is old fashioned snail mail) campaign offering people a discount coupon to a restaurant if they sign up to their email program. There's a URL printed on the direct MAIL piece they get (this URL is not a PURL), they go to the URL, sign up, they get a autoresponder email back with the discount coupon and a "must redeem within seven days of receipt" disclaimer (we auto-generate the date the coupon is sent onto the email).

Honestly, the random unique code could be total bulls**t - it's just so people dont try and use the coupon over and over... but it would be nice if there was a way to generate a unique code per autoresponder email based on some sort of user-defined data.

djwhisky, 4 years ago

Can your code when they sign up not generate this unique id and put it in a custom field?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi gtomlinson, djwhiskey has the right idea here - you could always have some script on your signup page generate a random code, then pass it to a custom field via a hidden form field. One of our customers described how they used this technique in our blog. Hope this helps!

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