Feature request: Alternative subscriber ID

Can the API be upgraded to allow for an a different subscriber ID rather than their email address?

I don't mean replacing the email address as the ID, but providing an opaque, non-guessable, and static ID, in addition to the email address.

The reason I request this is that it appears that in some cases the only way to integrate a website with Campaign Monitor is by passing the email address to the website via the URL. For example, I have been wanting to create a custom preference centre - but if I provide a link to it from an email, a subscriber can modify the email address in the URL and update someone else's profile (or even unsubscribe them).

There would be many other cases similar to this, where a company wants to provide a secure (obfuscated) yet personalised link to a website.

At present, even if I create my own custom ID by using a custom field, the integration cannot retrieve or update a subscribers details using that ID - it needs their email address. If the API could retrieve a subscriber by specifying an alternative ID, it would be a huge help.

It seems like this has been touched on in a few other posts too:

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there jayc, sorry about getting to this so late. We've most certainly had a couple of votes for a subscriber ID that's independent of email address, so I'll add your vote for this, plus the ability to get a link to a personalized preference center (as you know, this has come up independently, too).

We're sorry this isn't something that's been added to our roadmap just yet, but we'll continue to gauge demand and keep you posted on this one.

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