Suggestion: Segment Groups and Auto-Segments vs Filtering Recipients

The ability to group segments into folders would be really helpful, particularly if you are going to separate everyone into a segment based on country or state for example, this can produce a long list of segments.

Auto-Segments would be even better - If one of these (above suggested) group/folders existed for certain custom fields, and within that folder, each value had its own segment. This way, instead of the CM user having to create segment after segment, they would already exist, created dynamically by CM.

Alternatively, you could offer this level of drilling-down during the 'add more recipients' stage of sending emails. Being able to filter recipients, by adding "All who's country custom field equals Australia" for example, would allow sending to the same group as an Australia-only dynamically created segment would.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey JohnP, thank you so much for really looking into list and segment management, both here and elsewhere. I agree - in times past, I've created epic lists of segments, so foldering, tagging or similar is a solid idea. I'll happily add your vote for this.

Auto-segments - interesting! Also a good one to explore.

I'll pass on these segment ideas to the team, they're pretty swell. Hopefully we'll move our focus back to segments in a future update, as it's certainly an area of our app where a lot of improvements can be made. Thanks for the great ideas, as always!

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