Segmenting by zip code

My organization serves the entire state of Virginia and I'd like to create some email list segments based on where people are located.

I have zip codes for most of them, but I'm struggling trying to figure out how to use that to create useful segments.

Some of the regions (like near DC) will contain 300+ distinct zip codes. So building the segment with a series of "or zip=11111" sort of statements isn't very practical.

I thought about using ranges (zip>11111 and zip<44444) but it turns out zip codes are not really arranged in that kind of logical way. Most are clustered together, but many are wildly out of range.

Has anyone else done this? Do you have any tips for how to segment based on location?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi there VFHwebdev, admittedly I don't have any experience with segmenting by zip code, so I'm looking forward to hearing folks chime in here.

I absolutely understand that segmenting in the app isn't heavy-duty enough to deal with targeting areas by zip codes just yet, so I'd recommend using our API, potentially with Google Maps data to determine which zip codes fall into a specific region. Again, not something I have any experience with, but some of our dev friends may be able to enlighten us.

Thanks for the solid question here - I'll add your vote for better zip code support, however this does come across as relatively tricky to implement well! :)

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