Can I Un-Supress an Email Address?

Hi All,

Have a client who has several email addresses that are their own that have been suppressed. i.e., one is the IT guy that handles their servers and two are their general email address and one is the email that they receive their store orders through.

Not sure why, but they are suppressed and I can't re-subscribe them, which the client has asked for....any advice on what to do here??


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Addresses get suppressed for the following reasons:
They unsubscribe themselves from any of that clients lists
You manually unsubscribe them from any of that clients lists
You manually delete them
They hard bounce out of any of the clients list
They soft bounce 3 times (by default)

The suppression list is there to make sure you don't accidentally reimport someone who does not want email, or that is not a valid address.

You can just remove their addresses from the suppression list though, using the search field and then the remove button.

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