Is it possible to add a Google + button to a campaign?

Two questions...

1. For CM team::
Currently we only have Tweet and Like button options. Are there any plans to add more sharing options including G+ and LinkedIn?

2. In light of the above does anyone know of a workround to add a G+ share button to a campaign?  Clearly if I use Google's web code it isn't going to work as it contains javascript.

JD JD, 5 years ago


Thanks for your post. At this time, there is not a plan to add that option to our Social Sharing links, however, there has been other feedback toward having this available. I've gone ahead and added a vote on your behalf to possibly include this in a future release.

You could possibly try using this code:[webversion]

added as the link on your button in the campaign, to allow someone to share the campaign. However, this is not tracked through Campaign Monitor as it is not an regular option like the Facebook and Tweet share links.

Campaign Monitor Support, 5 years ago

Thanks for that JD. 
Unfortunately that code isn't working for me. 
I added it to the campaign and then tested it in the preview version and also a test emailed version.
For a split second G+ loaded some sort of +1 page but it disappeared immediately and then just went to a blank page.  The blank page was as per your code above but with [webversion] replaced by the campaign URL.

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there Julian, we're in a bit of a jam here - unfortunately, there isn't a way to +1 a link without JS - here's a good discussion on StackOverflow about this. As JD mentioned, we've added your vote for this internally and will keep you updated.

In the interim, you can try passing the [webversion] from your email to a page hosted by yourself, with a Google+ Badge. I know this is quite a bit of work (and would likely result in drop-offs, too), but this is the best we can suggest until we add G+ social sharing on our end. Sorry about this!

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We're also on Facebook:, 5 years ago

Thanks Ros.
On the last post on the Stack Overflow thread which you linked to, someone says Google now supports non javascript code by using

I just tested it in a campaign using [webversion]  as the URL and it worked fine!

Julian Wellings | Expertise on Tap 
Email Marketing | Video Marketing | Cheltenham UK
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