Resellers: Do you use Xero? Would you like client charges -> invoices?

Hey there folks,

This is Ros, your friendly forum mod. Every now and then, an interesting integration idea winds up on our table, so I thought I'd run this one past you.

We know that a lot of agency folks use both Campaign Monitor for their email marketing and Xero for their invoicing and billing. However at present, if you're handling billing and invoicing yourself (instead of have us email out invoices), you manually have to raise an invoice for client charges in Xero.

What's been suggested instead is an integration that automatically takes a client's billing history and converts it into draft invoices in Xero.

The benefit in this scenario is that it will save time and make it much easier to lodge charges with your accounts team... Or keep your accountant happy. All good reasons to use another app to manage the books.

So what we want to know is.... Will this benefit you? Is there something that you'd particularly like to see handled by a Campaign Monitor - Xero integration? Shoot us a reply and we'll be sure to take on your feedback :)

Ali Ali, 5 years ago

We'd find this incredibly useful for some of our clients. Manually creating the invoices can be time consuming and open to human error so it's a definite yes vote here.

leeflanaghan, 5 years ago

This is a great idea. I use Xero and it is time consuming to manually raise the invoice. What might be extra useful is the function to select several sent campaigns on the clients account and then raise one combined invoice in Xero that then lists those campaigns. Clients won't want lots of small transactional invoices but would welcome one monthly bill for instance.

ByteMe, 5 years ago

Like where you're going with this. We currently use WorkflowMax for clients we manage emails for. The model we've gone for is a fixed price for the prep then standard price per email. So long as we could set some pricing rules in Campaign Monitor that would influence the draft invoice in Xero it would be great to cut out one step.

I guess standard markup options like clients sending themselves + the ability to add fixed price or hourly rate (and effort per job) for each client.

shg, 5 years ago

I use Xero and this would be very useful to me.

tony.miller, 5 years ago

This would be fantastic.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks guys - keep the feedback coming. We'll be sure to keep you updated if we get any more details on this ourselves :D

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djwhisky, 5 years ago

We don't use Xero, but instead use FreeAgent.
What would be useful for all these situations though, is a web hook in the API when a campaign is sent - that way we can use this to raise an invoice using the API for whatever invoicing/accounting system we're using ?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi James, good call here - a 'sent campaign' webhook is something we'd be keen to look into internally.

Also curious to find out what software everyone is using for billing - perhaps a good idea for a poll?

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