Is Outlook 2010 stripping CSS out?

When I load up and preview my email in Campaign Monitor it looks fine, but when I do a test email to Outlook 2010 it's all over the place. 

Specifically, there's no padding at the side of text boxes and some headings have lost their formatting, though only some, strangely.....

Is this normal in Campaign Monitor?  Surely the preview mode would take account of Outlook's quirks?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi there gaston17, the most likely issue here is that Outlook 2010 does not support the CSS properties you're using. Things like padding and margins disappearing are quite typical and as a result, email designers have developed workarounds like using table cellpadding to make up for this lack of support.

The skinny is that browser CSS support is not the same as Outlook 2010 CSS support. Same goes for Outlook 2013, which also uses Word to render email.

We've added the design and spam tests to allow folks to accurately preview their emails in multiple clients, given the fact that each and every email client has its own quirks.

If there's something you'd specifically like to work around in Outlook, kindly post it in these forums with your code - there are oodles of folks here that have extensive experience in coding defensively for Outlook and undoubtedly, you'll find a wealth of information from them :)

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