Outlook distribution list

I am trying to get email addresses out of a client's outlook acct that are saved as a distribution list.  I can't get the export to work.  Any help appreciated.

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Sarah. I just replied to your support request as well. For the benefit of anyone else though, you should be able to export the distribution list in Outlook '07 by opening it up and clicking the big MS button in the top right corner. Then save as a text format of some kind. That will give you a list of all the contacts that you can paste in Excel and save as a CSV to import into Campaign Monitor (or paste directly into the add subscribers screen and skip the csv).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Dave Dave, 9 years ago

I should also point out that you need to be very careful when importing contacts from Outlook (or any other email client). More often than not, your contacts include lots of people who have never "opted-in" to hear from you. Some email clients simply add an address to your contacts if you reply to an email. This means that over time support@yourhostingcompany.com and loads of others like it are in your contacts.

While it's not a problem to have them in your contacts list, it is a problem if you send them a bulk email using Campaign Monitor. You never had their permission in the first place, and that's spamming.

So, while an export from Outlook is an easy thing to do, always be sure you're only including those contacts/customers that comply with our strict anti-spam policy. If you've just imported your entire contacts database, you'll never get past our approval team anyway, so avoid the hassle and go through your contacts with a fine tooth comb before you import them into your account.

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