New import app accepts an email address with an invisible space

The new import app recently introduced looks pretty slick. But it does accept an email address with an invisible space in front of it (in CSV view) into the list import. This shows up as a question mark in the email after the import.

And when the campaign is sent away - hard bounced for that email as expected.

The previous import app would have flagged this non-alphanumeric character and let me fix the email address.

IMO the new import app isn't as smart as the previous one in text parsing. e.g. when a quick copy-and-paste rows of contacts from an XLS spreadsheet into the text box, if the text has some tabs in it such as

Stella    ,Schelle,

the new import would treat the comma as part of the last name ",Schelle,"

The new import actually now saves less time for me as I have to be more careful with how I format the import data. I can't have the old one back can I? ;-)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi spectronicswa, this is very interesting! Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention - I've passed on these details to our team, so we can test internally and get to work on a fix. Sadly, we can't give you the old import process back, but we can make our new one really awesome! Hold tight, we'll keep you updated :)

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