Getting subscriber details with just email

I'm looking for a way to search for a particular subscriber with just the email. Currently, I should make two calls to get subscriber details. Get the SubscriberLists and then call the SubscriberDetails with the list ID from the first call.. Is there a better way to do this?

jamesd jamesd, 4 years ago

You can search for a subscriber across all a client's lists by making a single API call.

Hope that helps.

nathan08, 4 years ago


Thanks for the response. Apart from the regular subscriber details like the active state, date subscribed and so, is there a method where I can get info like when was the first time the user came into the system?

So, I can tell that user Nathan is a customer of campaign monitor since 12-Jun-2012


jamesd jamesd, 4 years ago

If by "first time the user came into the system", you mean the earliest date a subscriber with that email address was added to any of your lists, you will need to get the minimum of the DateSubscriberAdded field in any of the results from your call to find all lists for the email address.

Other than that, I'm not sure that the API supports the functionality that you are looking for.

Please see the Subscribers API docs for all functionality available for an individual subscriber.

nathan08, 4 years ago

Thanks James. I kinda figured it out earlier. Just wanted to confirm if there's a better way.

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