Customizing the required unsubscribe link

Possible to replace the required [unsubscribe] <unsubscribe> links with a link like


which would then call the api and trigger an unsubscribe, returning the user to the success page.


I'd rather the link not be off-site, and this would work as required.

Dave Dave, 10 years ago


I'm afraid you'll need to use the default Campaign Monitor link in your campaigns, but you can easily set your own unsubscribe landing page which we'll instantly redirect your subscribers to when they leave your list.

tra, 10 years ago

I need to do something similar in that I want to synchronise the unsubscribe from CM with my own database. One way is obviously to ask for what 'here' wanted in the first post...but since that isn't possible, can the CM unsubscribe process redirect to a page for which I can specify a parameter.

ie... ideally, I'd like the CM unsubscribe page to redirect to a confirmation page such as:<email address passed from CM unsub process>

Is this possible?


Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Matt,

Yes, it is possible - see our recent blog post on just that topic.

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