strange markup symbols

Someone has forwarded our newsletter (unfortunately it wasn't via forward with a friend) and the person who received it, found euro symbols and other strange markup where there are instances of quotes, apostrophes, ellipses, etc. We just copy the text from a Word document into the html doc. It looks fine there and then the tests that we send out look great.

But when a recipient actually forwards the email from the mail program, it fills up with these symbols. Why would this be and how can we make sure everyone sees the correct formatting?

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Julia. It's possible that the symbols were there before forwarding. Word has an awful habit of converting apostrophes and such to their own "smart" versions, which don't work particularly well outside of Microsoft products. You generally want to be careful about those, look at your content outside of Word for curly quotes and such. If you see marks like these ‘ “, they're probably going to break for some people. You should replace them with ' and " for example.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
julia, 9 years ago

thanks d - I will look at the Word doc more closely. Do you suggest I receive the Word doc from my client saved as a .txt file or rtf file?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Julia,

Saving it as plain text will definitely be a good option, if all you need is the text rather than any formatting

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