API Updates for November 2012

Today we released a few API updates we've been working on in the last couple of weeks. We're happy to announce the following:

- You can now access email client usage for a campaign.
- We've added an additional ReadsEmailWith field when you retrieve a subscriber's details which provides you with the last email client the subscriber used to read your email.
- You can now get the unconfirmed subscribers for a list (those subscribers who have subscribed to a confirmed-opt-in list, but have not confirmed their subscription).
- You can now suppress email addresses using the API.
- You can now get the spam complaints for a campaign, and we've also added an additional SpamComplaints field when you get a campaign summary, which represents the number of spam complaints for the campaign.
- You can now provide a list of comma-separate email addresses in the ConfirmationEmail field when sending a campaign (to which we'll send a confirmation email once your campaign has been sent).
- And finally, we've made the text content URL optional when creating a campaign. If you don't provide a TextUrl field, we'll automatically generate the text content based on the HTML content (which I think most people will find convenient).

As usual, all our officially supported API wrappers have been updated and released to include this new functionality.


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