v3/lists/{listid}/customfields/{customfieldkey}.json returns 404

I am trying to update the options of a custom field using http://www.campaignmonitor.com/api/lists/#updating_custom_field_options but my posts always return the following:

Code => (int) 404
Message => 'We couldn't find the resource you're looking for. Please check the documentation and try again'

I doublechecked that I use the correct customfieldkey. Our posts to the CM API are also valid as we successfully use other calls to add subscribers, delete subscribers, ...



Ken Ken, 5 years ago

Hi Guy,

Could you write to support@campaignmonitor.com and provide us with the API Key your using, and the values for the listID and customfieldkey that your using, and we can check out our logs to see what might be going wrong.

Sorry I can't give you immediate help, but I need further information to investigate further.


guy, 5 years ago

Thx for the follow-up Ken. I'll send an email right away.

jamesd jamesd, 5 years ago

Hey Guy,

You need to issue a PUT to update a resource, as documented:

PUT http://api.createsend.com/api/v3/lists/{listid}/customfields/{customfieldkey}/options.{xml|json}

If you issue a POST to the route to update custom field options (which expects a PUT) it will respond with a 404.

Also, it may be worthwhile using our officially supported PHP API wrapper, where this detail is abstracted, so you'll never experience this issue.

Hope that helps.

guy, 5 years ago

Thanks for the swift support. Not using the official PHP wrapper comes with a price I guess. All is working fine now.


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