Best way to temporarily suppress subscribers/donors in a campaign?

We send 3 or 4 emails in a fundraising campaign, and we want to "suppress" those subscribers who already donated (so they kindly don't receive another fundraising email). We have a list of those who donated from each email send. What's the best practice to suspend emails to those who donated in a campaign but continue sending to those who didn't on the same list?

This first time, we "deleted" those who donated, then made the deleted "active" again by moving them back onto the list when the campaign was over. But there's got to be a better way, especially when we have regular newsletter sends to the whole list in the middle of a fundraising campaign. We don't want to suppress people permanently, and we don't want to make (and pay for) new lists. Should we use segments and a custom field (like DONATED IN CAMPAIGN X, "yes"/[null])-- in that case I think we'd have to make a segment of those who DIDN'T donate so we can send just to that segment. Our list is over 100,000 people and there are hundreds of donors for each send. Is there an easy way to do this? Any advice? Thank you.

jeremyhr jeremyhr, 5 years ago

When I said, "We have a list of those who donated from each email send," I don't mean we created a CampaignMonitor list, I mean we have an excel sheet of those who donated. Easy to import into CampaignMonitor, difficult to figure out the best way to temporarily suppress them from fundraising while keeping them active/ready for regular newsletters. There is just one list we have in CampaignMonitor that we send our newsletters to and occasionally fund-raise with. Thanks again for any help.
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi jeremyhr, you're on the money (pardon the pun) - the best approach would be to use custom fields and segments to target subscribers who haven't donated at all (ie. segment where 'Donated' is 'not provided').

You may find it handy to make the 'Donated' custom field of the type 'date', so down the track, you can segment people who haven't donated in the last year, two years etc.

Thanks, jeremyhr - we generally don't recommend deleting/unsubscribing folks, as it can be fairly error prone and time consuming. Using custom fields is almost always the better bet, especially given the opportunities they provide for clever subscriber targeting.

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