Customisation in subject line not working

I just tried using customised fields in a subject line but it didn't work when sending a test.
I'm sure tags in subject lines did work at some stage, or am I dreaming this? ;-)

Examples tried:
Just for you from [stylist] - 20% off services for a limited time only
Just for you [firstname] - 20% off services for a limited time only

Nb. Not using fallbacks as this for a segment in which all fields are definitely populated.

Phil Phil, 4 years ago


Providing we've got the same definition of "work", personalisation tags in the subject line should definitely work.

For any of the basic fields ([fullname], [firstname], etc) it should replace the tag with the name of the subscriber whose details are being used for your test. If the subscriber's name is empty, the tag will be removed.

The situation for a custom field is the same, with one exception: if the custom field doesn't even exist in the list that the personalised subscriber belongs to, the tag will be left in place.

Does that match what you're seeing? If it's still not working, send us a support request and we'll look into your specific case.

Phil, 4 years ago

Thanks Phil

*red face*

Just realised what I was doing wrong. I was adding the tags to the campaign name not the subject line!  Having been using CM for 4 years this is embarrassing! Rushing too much and not thinking it through.

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