"We used the details for the first time the address appeared"

I have a list that basically looks like this:
When importing, the app says "We used the details for the first time the address appeared" -- meaning it only registered the 'x' in Custom Field 1.

Is there a way for the importer to handle this better and register both entries? Is there a better way you think I can handle this? I realize we should be checking for duplicates in the spreadsheet, but this is for a client and I can't expect them to check for duplicate emails each time.


Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Hey enfueggo,

That's a great point! As you can understand, there may be cases where people wouldn't want to combine those records as duplicate subscribers could be an indication of a data integrity problem.

But having a step where you can select which values to keep from the duplicates, would be a helpful addition, I agree. I've recorded this as a feature request, and we'll post back here if it's something we go ahead with in the future.

For now, your best bet is to manually check the custom field values of those rows I'm afraid, but I agree that may not be easy for clients. Maybe ask them to keep an eye out for the "We used the details for the first time the address appeared" message, and email you their CSV file if it happens?

Sorry we can't be of more help for now, but hopefully this won't be a frequent problem with their imports. We'll also keep tallying votes for a more helpful handling of this scenario.

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enfueggo enfueggo, 5 years ago

Thanks for the feature request tally. You're right, though, the newest improvements to the importer definitely helps send the message that "hey, there's duplicates in your list you need to take care of, here's a list of them." I can teach my clients how to handle that!

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