Is the design and spam tests accurate?

I did my first design and spam test. I noticed that the yahoo image was different to the real life version I see in my account. It makes me wonder how accurate the other client screen shots are.

At $5.50 a test it's not cheap if you need to do multiple tests. Are CM looking at different pricing methods?

supernath, 5 years ago

Hey dano,

I can't answer for your case without code and a screenshot, but there are alternatives for testing. Websites like Litmus or EmailOnAcid let you buy credits or get an unlimited testing account for a flat monthly fee.

Definitely worth it if you are creating a lot of emails.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi dano, I'd also like to mention that Yahoo! Mail has recently had an upgrade, however the changes have not been rolled out across all mailboxes yet. There's also regional differences between Yahoo! Mail clients - for example, Yahoo! 7 Mail in Australia is fairly different from Yahoo! Mail in the 'States.

While we aren't planning any changes to our test pricing at present, supernath above is on the money - both Litmus and EmailOnAcid provide excellent testing services and may be better priced for your needs.

Thanks, guys! Let us know if you have any q's :)

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Phil Phil, 4 years ago

Hi dano,

It's also worth mentioning that our (relatively new) Unlimited plans include unlimited design & spam tests. So depending on what flavour of billing you're on and how often you're running tests, that might be a good option.

dano, 4 years ago

Ros, i do believe that yahoo upgrade has been out for a long while. Strange that different versions of it would yield different results.

Phil, unlimited plans don't suit me because I let clients pay for their own sending. If I was doing a lot of e-marketing then maybe those plans would appeal. Right now it's just occasional work. Thanks for letting me know. Will consider it in the future if things change.

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