Unsubscribe redirection process

Hi i just had a question about unsubscribing from lists during campaigns...
We currently have a members database where we monitor their opt in and opt out settings via their registration and update registration pages...

I was wondering with campaignmonitor when a user clicks the unsubscribe link from the <unsubscribe></unsubscribe> tags and we redirect them to a page on our end does it first unsubscribe the user on campaignmonitors end for stats tracking and then redirect them to our site to unsubscribe them from our db or would we have to handle the campaignmonitor unsubscribe from a given list on our end?

basically we're going to develop a back-end for our client which lets them set up a mailing list for each campaign and approve artwork which we'll then export as a csv and import into campaign monitor for each campaign and we still wanted to track unsubscribes for each campaign but a users ability to be selected for a given campaign will be determined solely on our end if their current EmailOptIn db value is set to true.. so we really wanted to use the unsubscribe feature, unsubscribing from campaignmonitor for stats purposes and handle the opt in opt out on our end in our own db...

is this possible and if so any tricks techniques needed?
thanks very much,

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Tom,

Yes, the unsubscribe is processed buy Campaign Monitor before redirecting to your custom page. So to keep your local list in sync you would most likely use the API (http://www.campaignmonitor.com/api ) to grab unsubscribes.

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thomen, 9 years ago

Hi Matthew,
thanks for the reply!

instead of using the api is there a way to pass an individual email address through from the unsubscribe link to unsubscribe the individual or each time would i just grab the list of unsubscribes, unsubscribe them and present a generic thanks you've been unsubscribed sort of message?

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