Easy Mobile Design Solutions ?

I am always looking for new ways to tackle the problem of delivering emails to a range of devices.

I was wondering what the downside of doing this is: not containing your content in a table, not setting a width to the body, just letting the email client decide on the width?

The intention would be that the email looks almost like plain text, but has stronger text styling. The only downside I can tell about this is that in Outlook, if you open the email in a new window, it will be very wide. The user will have to play with the window size to make it more readable.

The second strategy i've been playing around with is: If you do contain the email in a table, set it to 320px wide. Downside is it looks very narrow on the desktop, but fantastic on mobiles.

Any other solutions to take a look at?

JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

The most popular technique is responsive design using media queries. Campaign Monitor is the premiere resource for information on this. What you are describing is a fluid design where your email will stretch 100% in all clients.

They are the two most common methods besides a fixed width layout.

mrtunes, 4 years ago

thanks. I found media queries to have poor support in Outlook, so i've avoided them in the interim. I know that will never improve, so i'd be willing to implement them on campaigns where i'm certain the emails aren't going into someone's office environment.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi mrtunes, you don't really need to worry about media queries in Outlook, as the non-mobile version should look fine in this client, alongside desktop and webmail clients (of which many don't support media queries).

Have you taken a look at our template builder? It's a great starting point for creating responsive email newsletters that display at 640px wide in desktop and webmail clients, then 320px on mobile screens. Also, if you haven't seen our guide to responsive email design, i'd really recommend giving it a look, too. All the best!

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